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Film and TV Production
Live Music Production

We handle everything medical. All the usual day-to-day medical services from minor illness to minor injuries to major trauma. But we do so much more.

On film sets, at live events and red carpet treatment for VIPs.

Our team supports Film & TV productions with medical cover from initial chat to final wrap. And we’re there for all your Live Music productions. At rehearsal stage and on tour through to the final performance encore.

Additional support with face-to-face and virtual consultations from our own private GPs via our Medical Concierge Service. Enhanced pathways for VIPs when needed, and a Travel Health Clinic and Flu Clinic.

All under a governance framework set and overseen by our own GMC registered doctors.


We keep your productions rolling. Providing outstanding medical services for everyone who makes our lives so enjoyable.

A fully trained, highly experienced medical team caring for everything from cuts and bruises to travel health to more serious trauma and medical emergencies.

Plus, access to world-class specialists, consultants, facilities and health resources.

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Taking private care to another level.

We work with some of the world’s top actors, artists and entertainers.

Providing everything from a consultation with one of our own GPs (not a third party doctor) to a VIP pathway at a private hospital. We also offer repeat prescriptions and can replace lost or used meds. Cast, artists and crew insurance medicals are available and carried out by our own medical team when required.

We’ll assign a Patient Liason Manager to personally oversee VIP care. Giving the superstar treatment that they deserve.

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We use a private lab for GP and private medical support services such as blood tests.

A superfast personal service, run by the best to keep your clients at their best.

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We work with some of the biggest names in the industry, household favourites like Warner Bros, BBC, Disney, Paramount, Amazon, Apple and Netflix.


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